Reading infinity

From: David Fox <>
Date: 01 Oct 1996 05:19:00 -0400

I just ran into a problem where I can't read numbers that I wrote:
(This is on an x86 CPU)

  STk> (define n 1.79769313486233e+308)
  STk> (format (current-output-port) "%s\n" n)
  STk> (define n Inf.0)
  *** Error:
      unbound variable: inf.0
  Current eval stack:
    0 (%syntax-define n inf.0)

Is there any way to read and write infinity or minus infinity? I
supose I could check each number and write the value shown above it it
was too big.
David Fox		xoF divaD
NYU Media Research Lab    baL hcraeseR aideM UYN
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