report error is buggy is buggy!

From: David Fox <>
Date: 03 Oct 1996 14:11:52 -0400

I occasionally get "Out of memory" errors, and then I get an infinite
loop of "report error is buggy" errors. First of all, I'm tired of
that message - it should probably read "error occurred during error
processing!" or something. I'm also tired of the infinite loop, which
the doc says err_counter is supposed to prevent. However, even if
err_counter is greater than one it calls STk_show_eval_stack(5), which
produces the error again.

What I would really like is to find out where the error really
happened. If STk_show_eval_stack didn't cons it might be possible.
It calls STk_print and STk_uncode. STk_print looks ok, but STk_uncode
does lots of consing. Maybe if err_counter is nonzero
STk_show_eval_stack could avoid doing a full uncode, just print
something that might give a clue what's going on...
David Fox		xoF divaD
NYU Media Research Lab    baL hcraeseR aideM UYN
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