how tu use function "display_stack" - problem with ports

From: John L. Stein <>
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 96 15:39:27 -0700

I wrote

STk_add_new_primitive("display-stack", tc_subr_1, display__stack);


PRIMITIVE STk_init_stack(void)


static PRIMITIVE display__stack(SCM s)
  if (NSTACKP(s)) STk_err("display-stack: bad stack", s);
  display_stack(s, "blu", 1);
  return (STACK(s)->len) ? Truth: Ntruth;

But it bombs. I know the problem is with "blu" in display_stack(s, "blu", 1);
in the function just above. It is supposed to be the port. Could someone tell
me how to write the function so that it can use ports. Or is there an examples.

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