untested win32 stk 3.1.1 build

From: Jay Krell <jay.krell_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:01:40 -0400

I'm not sure what the protocol is, but
I put "a build" of STk 3.1.1 for Win32
at <http://hickory.cee.cornell.edu/~jay/stk>
(not ftp)

"a build" as in a *very lightly* build. Notably
untested are my most recent modifications to my
dirent(2).c file. My *slightly* modified Visual C++ 4.0
makefile and unix.c are there too.

This machine isn't really supposed to be a server
and I'm not really supposed to have an account, so
moving the file, if anyone tests it and shows it
to work decently, to kaolin or cs.nyu would be a good

Only the executable is there. You'll want help and
docs from the original distribution of course.

Jeez, the machine keeps becoming non responsive too.
Hm..then again, might've been my computer, not hickory.

Ok. turtle, stklos-demo and stklos-demo2 worked.
In compo-demo, choicebox didn't work and the tear off menu
in multiwin didn't work. These probably aren't Win32 specific.
Tk is kinda slow on Win32 too.. :(

 - Jay, jay.krell_at_cornell.edu
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