win32/vc hacking fwiw

From: Jay Krell <>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 01:04:58 -0400

(Is anyone using STk on Win32?
My motivations are a mystery to me, but just wondering.)

I'm trying to sanitize/diff what I have.
Support for dynamically linked extensions works (tested!)
and I link against GNU MP (builds and runs, gmp tests
use rand48 and random so yet untested).

Some of the path parsing was given a #conditional
dose of strchr and strrchr too.

All that's clean so far is the gmp stuff.
A yucky bash/sed script to transform the Makefile to work with nmake,
the resulting, and the resulting gmp.lib
are at

The main part of dynamic linking is writing dlopen and dlsym
in terms of GetModuleHandle, LoadLibrary, and GetProcAdress.
This is trivial. Then you have to figure out __declspec(dllimport|dllexport)
and how to get data working w/o modifying every darn declaration.
This is a slight pain.

 - Jay,
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