Re: Focus problems...

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 16:48:50 +0200

> "Harvey J. Stein" writes

  [lines deleted]

> Basically, it seems like giving the above command to wipe out the
> "all" binding doesn't work until one of the widgets has been given
> focus. <Key-Tab>" "")
  [lines deleted}
> So, what's the explanation for this?

This is a autoload problem. The defaults bindings were set in the file
which is autoloaded when the first focus is used. So your first bind command
is not effective. Simply add

        (autoload "focus" Tk:focus-next Tk:focus-prev)
        (bind "all" "<Tab>" (lambda (|W|) (focus (Tk:focus-next |W|))))
        (bind "all" "<Shift-Tab>" (lambda (|W|) (focus (Tk:focus-prev |W|))))

at the end of tk-init.stk and everything is OK.

                -- Erick
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