About Building STk on Linux, and other machines

From: Qing Zhu <zhuqing_at_cs.utexas.edu>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 16:42:28 -0600

Thanks Erick, Matt, and Scott.

I followed your suggestion of grabbing STk 3.1.1
And I successfully installed it on our CS Dept.'s public AIX
machines. And I installed it on our CS Dept.'s public Sun
Sparc machines too (There is a problem while building demos,
I will explain it later).

I still failed to install it on my desktop running Linux.
The same problem repeats even after I manually add
"-lSM -lICE -lX11 -ldl" into Makefile in ./Src directory
as Eric suggested. Nevermind, the students won't use that
machine, I just happened to install STk on my desktop that day.
It seems my desktop has some configuration problem. Somehow
it confused the STk configure. I am not familiar with Linux
administration, and those machines' Linux was set up by
someone else. I even don't know the exact release name
and version number.

Eric, I want to report some error during my installation on
AIX and Solaris.

1. AIX (version 4.1, Power-PC)

'make', 'test', 'make demos' run very well. When I run 'make
install', there are error messages saying that cannot cp bunch
of files to Help directory. After look at Help directory somewhere
under target directory. I found it is not user-writable.
Re-install didn't solve the problem. So I looked at the Makefile
in ./Help directory, Here is the part about install

        -if [ ! -d $(HLP_DIR) ] ; then mkdir -p $(HLP_DIR); fi
        chmod 0555 $(HLP_DIR)
        $(CP) *.html $(HLP_DIR)
        chmod 0644 $(HLP_DIR)/*.html
        -if [ ! -d $(HLP_DIR)/Img ] ; then mkdir -p $(HLP_DIR)/Img; fi
        chmod 0555 $(HLP_DIR)/Img
        $(CP) Img/*.gif $(HLP_DIR)/Img
        chmod 0644 $(HLP_DIR)/Img/*.gif

I changed those 0555 modes to 0755 modes, then re-installed it.
This time everyting's ok.

2. Solaris (SunOS 5.5, Sparcstation 5)

First, the same problem as stated above.

Second, after compiling and linking, I run test-stk, it was fine.
The (pack (button ....) example worked fine too. But when I tried
to build the demos by 'make demos', it gave me the following
error message:

bowwow:src/STk-3.1.1> make demos
/bin/sh -c "(cd Demos; ../Src/test-stk -f hbrowse README.html)"

*** Error at line 25 of file ../Lib/hash.stk:
Cannot open object file (ld.so.1: ../Src/stk: fatal: relocation error: symbol not found: STk_nil: referenced in ../Extensions/hash.so): "../Extensions/hash.so"

What does this mean? Is here a bug in 'hash.stk' or in 'stk' itself?
When I run 'make demos' on AIX machine there was no problem.

QING ZHU, Dept. of Computer Sciences, UT-Austin;
+1 (512) 482-8523 (H), +1 (512) 471-9586 (O)
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