ERROR: Endless loop when referencing a slot

From: Gerald Klix <>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 00:24:42 +0100

I it is possible to send STk in an endless loop
when it is referencing a slot.
Just execute the following program:

;; This throws STk in an endless loop.
(define-class <tc0> ()
  ((my-slot :init-keyword :slot)))

(format #t "OK 1.~%")

(let ((dummy (make <tc0> :slot 'shit)))
  (format #t "OK 2.~%")
   '(define tv0
        (eval '(define tv1 1) (the-environment))
  (format #t "Before loop.~%")
  (slot-ref dummy 'my-slot)
  (format #t "Never get here.~%")

Where can I look into the sources to fix this bug.

Gerald Klix
Received on Wed Nov 06 1996 - 00:20:44 CET

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