stk on win32 with caveats

From: Jay Krell <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 01:26:44 -0500

There's a pretty decent "source" and binary distribution of STk 3.1.1
for Win32 at <>.

The source dist is changed files, not diffs.

The dists support dynamically linked extensions, and most of the "base extensions"
(oxymoron) are included as .dll's (hash, html, sregexp, ..).

The main problems are
1) It is barely tested.
2) The build process is gross, including
        2a) It uses some C++ that works with VC4.0's HP STL but needs slight mods to
work with P J Plauger's, primarily including different files and using namespace std.
        2b) The DEP files have some full paths that are based on the sources
being rooted at /stk-3.1.1. If you install elsewhere, you'll want to delete these
deps, fix them, or you can even delete the DEP files entirely.
        2c) Deps currently can't be regenerated (an older build process used gcc).
        2d) It is an abuse of nmake.
        2e) It is actually most of the work I did, a major waste.
        2f) It probably doesn't work with Windows 95.
        2g) a lot more

The binary dist needs the real source distribution for its library, help, and install script
(or probably they are in the "common" binary dist?)
The source dist needs nearly everything in the real source dist.

I did successfully use this stuff to rebuild on a different machine than it was originally
"developed" (overlabelled) on, but I did hit problems 2a and 2b hard.

Also, the binary dist requires msvcrt40.dll, but I didn't include it.
I believe it is included in Windows 95 and NT4, but not with NT3.51.

Good luck,
 - Jay,
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