Re: Rotated text possible on canvas?

From: Matt Welland <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 16:58:36 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Jay Carlson wrote:

> > Subject: Re: Rotated text possible on canvas?
> > No examples contain any, the docs don't mention it and its not mentioned
> > in the FAQ. I assume the answer is no. Is this a Tk limitation? Are there
> > any tricks that can achieve the desired result? If the answer is not no
> > please let me in on the secret.
> The X protocol itself does not support rotated text. The Display
> PostScript extension that some X servers have is a way around this,
> but only for PostScript fonts.
> Applications have been known to rasterize fonts offscreen, download
> the bitmap into their application, rotate it, and blast rotated text
> back as a pixmap. You can imagine how much of a pain it is, though.

Does both FrameMaker and XFig use this technique? XFig can place text at 1
degree increments. Could this be implemented (without undue pain)
independantly of Tk using the xfig code as a starting point? CAD with out
rotated text is, uh, well it ain't CAD!

The file hints that BLT
can do rotated text. Anyone have experience with this and STk?

I also found this comment on

"I've heard that X11R6 can draw rotated text, but I do it the hard way
much like BLT (which inspired me, so thanks to!"

So I guess that X11R6 is able to draw rotated text so maybe this problem
will go away in time.


Thanks much,

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