STK program development tools

From: John A. Zinky <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 22:33:26 -0500

What started out as a simple "throw-away" mockup has blossomed into a
3000 line program which looks like it will stick around.

I am pretty happy with STk, but I could use some pointers to some
development tools.

1) The list had some chat about the Inspector being fixed to handle klos
classes. Has this been completed?

2) Is there an emacs mode that goes from a calling form to the
definition. (like a tag file in C mode)

3)Is there a dependency drawing utility that could display the class
inheritance hierarchy or the "require" hierarchy. i.e. any cool DAG
drawing tools in STk???

4) What do people use for color highlighting the code?
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