Re: portability

From: Russell Senior <>
Date: 08 Jan 1997 16:22:49 -0800

>>>>> "jon" == berryj <> writes:

jon> [...] If you really want it to hit the computer science
jon> mainstream, though, I think you should make these porting issues
jon> a priority.

I think what you really wanted to say here was `... the programming
(or industry) mainstream ...' rather than the `computer science
mainstream'. BTW, I am not sure either one of these is Erick's goal.

jon> I've spent a good deal of time searching for porting info on the
jon> web, and the feeling I'm getting is that these ports are really
jon> not student projects, but industry jobs. Documentation I read on
jon> the Visual C++/Mac compiler ($2k!!) indicated that you can count
jon> on 95% of the port being fine, but then you had better know the
jon> Mac and Windows libraries in detail to finish the rest.

It sounds to me as if Erick is not really interested in becoming a
Win32 or Mac programmer. If you want to, or can convince someone else
to, Erick has indicated his willingness to accept your contributions.


jon> I can't help thinking that some day pretty soon we'll see an
jon> announcement for Guile Scheme-Tk in Java with Clos, and STk will
jon> be obsolete. Is it a reasonable apprehension, STk'ers?

Another solution (eg, Guile) is not something I worry about as a user
of STk. If it solves a problem, then it may be useful. Ideas can be
borrowed in any case.

Russell Senior
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