Re: portability

From: Keith Wright <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 97 20:19 EST

> jon> I can't help thinking that some day pretty soon we'll see an
> jon> announcement for Guile Scheme-Tk in Java with Clos, and STk will
> jon> be obsolete. Is it a reasonable apprehension, STk'ers?
> Another solution (eg, Guile) is not something I worry about as a user
> of STk. If it solves a problem, then it may be useful. Ideas can be
> borrowed in any case.

I would be using Guile if it were ready, for political reasons, and
because the guts of the garbage collecter look good. But the Guile
people are learning lots from STk. I expect porting STk code to Guile
will not be a big problem. It's free software, too, so Guile ideas
can be folded back into STk. Why is that a problem? I have three
Scheme implementations on my home 'puter.

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