Re: STK program development tools

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 23:03:44 +0100

> 1) The list had some chat about the Inspector being fixed to handle klos
> classes. Has this been completed?

No. I have started to rewrite the inspector some time ago in STklos but
it is not yet finished. In fact, I should finish it soon, since it *must*
be in the release which will be called 3.2.

> 2) Is there an emacs mode that goes from a calling form to the
> definition. (like a tag file in C mode)
etags works for R4RS scheme (but not for STklos methods ;-<)

> 3)Is there a dependency drawing utility that could display the class
> inheritance hierarchy or the "require" hierarchy. i.e. any cool DAG
> drawing tools in STk???
Yes is there one around?

> 4) What do people use for color highlighting the code?

                -- Erick
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