Re: portability

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 23:57:32 +0100

> Keith Wright writes
> I would be using Guile if it were ready, for political reasons, and
> because the guts of the garbage collecter look good.

But guile GC, as far as I know, is identical from the STk one (in fact
STk an Guile use the Siod GC nearly unmodified)!

> But the Guile
> people are learning lots from STk. I expect porting STk code to Guile
> will not be a big problem. It's free software, too, so Guile ideas
> can be folded back into STk.

That's not so simple, The guile people can take things from STk but the
contrary is more difficult for License reasons. Grabbing parts of Guile in STk
would make STk GPL'ed which is in my opinion too restrictive. I know that Guile
is distributed with a less retrictive license than the GPL or even than the
LGPL. However, if I have well understood it taking some parts of it and
integrating them in a different program make this program fall in the
GPL. I *really* appreciate work done by
the FSF, their people and their goal, but I feel that the Guile license is
bugged (is this a bug or a feature?) concerning this point.

                -- Erick
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