Re: portability

From: Keith Wright <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 97 20:08 EST

> From: Erick Gallesio <>
> > Keith Wright writes
> > I would be using Guile if it were ready, for political reasons, and
> > because the guts of the garbage collecter look good.
> But guile GC, as far as I know, is identical from the STk one (in fact
> STk an Guile use the Siod GC nearly unmodified)!

It's was a few months ago, but I looked at the source of both of them
and it seemed to me that STk used 12 bytes for a cons pair while Guile
used 8 bytes. The STk garbage collector pushes a stack of mark points
as big as the list it is tracing. I didn't really understand how the
Guile collector works, but it seemed more complicated so I assumed it
was doing something more clever. That might be very naive.

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