Re: STK program development tools

From: Harvey J. Stein <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:37:53 +0200

Erick Gallesio writes:
> > 1) The list had some chat about the Inspector being fixed to handle klos
> > classes. Has this been completed?
> No. I have started to rewrite the inspector some time ago in STklos but
> it is not yet finished. In fact, I should finish it soon, since it *must*
> be in the release which will be called 3.2.

Also, amib contains code that can be used as part of an inspector,
since it's capable of poping up an editing window on an STklos object.

All that's really needed is to pull out the edit-widget function,
rename it to edit-object, and write an inspector function which calls
edit-widget if the thing is an object, and calls other editor
functions for the other data types.

Ideally, one would also package up a set of editor routines which one
could call explicitely (so that if a variable contains a file name,
color, font spec, event spec, etc, one could call the
filename/color/font/event editor instead of the string-editor).

Then, one could also have a widget-editor as well as an object-editor,
where the widget-editor recognizes certain slots as containing colors
specs, or font specs, etc, and invokes the more specialized editors
when a slot is double-clicked on.

This is all pretty simple and straight forward to do using the code
in amib as a starting point.

BTW, a long time ago I submitted to Erik an enhanced version of amib
which allows editing groups of widgets, and included a widget
hierarchy displayer (i.e. - buttons x, y & z are in frame w, which is
in the top level), but it seems that this code never made it into the
standard distribution. I suppose this isn't too surprising, because
although (IMO) I gave amib some pretty important functionality, I
hacked the changes into amib in a pretty ugly way. If anyone's
interested in my version (based on amib v0.2, and which I think
doesn't run under the newest version of STk), particularly in folding
my version into the latest amib, I'd be happy to send them the code.

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