Re: Highlit19 for STk (for emacs19 not xemacs)

From: Andre Gilles <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 20:56:14 +0100

        A few months ago, I did provide such a file to hilit STk under
emacs using hilit19. The issue of this mention is not to compare
different flavors of stk hilit under emacs but to point a problem I
met with hilit19.

        It seems that the new way to hilit under emacs is to use the
font-lock-minor mode. Indeed package such as cc-mode or cperl-mode do
use font-lock. Hilit19 and font-lock might have incompatibilities (for
instance if you use emacs facilities to pretty-print a buffer in
postcript, the definitions of faces given by hilit19 and font-lock are
such that you can't predict wether what you see is what you'll get).

        It is much more difficult to hilit with font-lock because you
have to specify a list of keywords local in the buffer. Usually this
is done by creating a major mode.

        Has anybody created an emacs package for STk with font-lock
rather than with hilit19 ?

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