Re: STK program development tools

From: Ken Anderson <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 12:02:03 -0500

At 13:19 1/20/97, Andre Gilles wrote:
> My message deals with developpement tool but is aimed toward
>computer aided design of STklos code.
> I find it best to design my code before typing it. Usually
>when I face a code written with an OOPL, I use OMT for modelling the
>software. I must admit that I can't bridge the gap between CLOS and
>OMT. My main trouble is how to represent methods. In OMT you would
>associate methods to classes. In CLOS methods are not part of class.

There should be a subset of CLOS, such as single dispatch methods that
matches OMT's model pretty well.

> Is there a modeling technique that fits CLOS ? (or even better
>a technique and tools that support the technique ?) (or even better a
>technique and free tools ... :-)

Well, xemacs has a OO-Browser mode that scans code in various languages,
C++, Eiffel, and Common Lisp at least.
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