Re: getting the class name from a symbol name

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 12:15:11 +0100

> Brian Denheyer writes
> If I have a class <Point> and I have a symbol '<Point> is there any
> way to get the class indentifier type using the symbol. The obvious
> application for this is that I could read a file :
> <Point> 1.0 2.0
> And, having read the class name, I could then create an instance of
> the class and have the method which is defined for reading <Point>'s
> automagically be invoked to read the next 2 values.
> Is this possible ?

Yes. You can just evaluate what you have the class name and it should
contain the class meta object (I said should because you can change the
value of the <Point> variable to another object if you want). In fact make is
a standard lambda which evaluataes all its arguments.

> If not what would be a good way to accomplish this ? I'm thinking a
> hash table of class name/classes.

I think that it is better to use the MOP to create a form which when read back
will yield a new object (i.e. you put something like
     (make <Point> :x 1.0 :y 2.0)
in your file.
This has already been disussed in the mailing list. See:

                -- Erick
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