Re: getting the class name from a symbol name

From: Brian Denheyer <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 15:53:15 -0800

> Yes. You can just evaluate what you have the class name and it should
> contain the class meta object (I said should because you can change the
> value of the <Point> variable to another object if you want). In fact make is
> a standard lambda which evaluataes all its arguments.

Thanks for the info. I've read recently, on this mailing list, that
eval is not part of R4RS. Is it possible to accomplish this same
function without using (eval '<Point>) ?? I guess (load "filename")
works, right ? Any other methods ? Just curious.

> This has already been disussed in the mailing list. See:

I think I've mentioned this before, is it possible to get one big
tar/gz'ed file of the mailing list archives ? It's kinda painful to
load in all 145k everytime I want to look for an answer - and it does
have lots of answers...

I certainly don't want to use up BW on a subject which has already
been discussed :-)

Brian Denheyer
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