amib -- how many layers?

From: giacomo boffi <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 18:32:41 +0200

giacomo boffi writes:

> it seems to me that amib deals with at most 3 layers of objects, i.e.,
> i can drop a frame "C" in a frame "B" that was dropped in frame "A",
> but when i try to drop frame "D" in frame "C", "D" is for disappears

i had some little more detail now: in amib, after doing the above i
'saved as' and inspected the resulting file.

it looks like amib instantiates "D" and 'place's it in "C", but "D" is
not shown in the fake interface when i save it, nor "D" is displayed
if i restart amib and load the previously saved file

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