Dynamic loading under Linux ELF

From: Mark Lynn <mark_at_sabado.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 17:03:19 -0400

I am having trouble getting STk 3.1.1 to compile with
dynamic loading under Linux 2.0.28. The configure script
correctly identifies my machine as LINUX-ELF, but a make
yields several undefined references in the file dynload.o.

I don't have the message in front of me, but something like:

libstk.a (dynload.o): In function 'load_and_call':
dynload.o ... undefined reference to 'dlopen'

and likewise for dlsym and dlerror.

Everything compiles fine without dynamic loading, but I
would like to use this feature. Any ideas?

Mark Lynn
Sabado Technologies
Received on Tue Jul 15 1997 - 23:02:37 CEST

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