linux, solaris, C++, 3.1.1, and dynamic loading

From: Jon Berry <>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 18:04:14 -0400 (EDT)

I have finally upgraded my C++ system (w/stklos interface) to use STk
3.1.1. Because of old issues with 3.0b2, I had never enabled
dynamic loading before, but now I have it on. Everything worked fine
with Solaris 2.5.1 - I just configured STk with no options, made it,
installed it, linked in the libraries, and all was well. However, it's
not working with Linux (RedHat4.2 (2.0.30)). I can't seem to load
at run-time from a C++-linkage executable. Everything compiles and
links, but when I run the application and try to load, I get a
"can't resolve symbol" message for STk_nil, STk_cons, etc. -- I presume
all the symbols that the hash module references. After a couple of
hundred lines of those messages, I get:

*** Error at line 25 of file /usr/local/lib/stk/3.1.1/STk/hash.stk:
Cannot open object file (Unable to resolve symbol):

If I just run the stk executable on Linux, it links dynamically with no
problem. The trouble comes when I try to make a C++ extension. I'm using
g++ Are there any compiler/linker options that can save me
here? -fPIC doesn't help.

        Jon Berry

p.s. I don't subscribe to the mailing list anymore, but check the web
     site from time to time. Please copy me in on any response.

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