memory loss with stklos Tk widgets?

From: Mark Lynn <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 23:48:58 -0400

My STk programs are using more and more memory with
execution time. I saw previous posts indicating a problem
of this nature when using Tk images. I am not using images;
however, every time I use make-dialog or create and then
destroy a toplevel window with (make <Toplevel> ...)
I seem to lose more memory. Is there some need to manually
free objects when using the stklos objects corresponding
to Tk widgets?

Also, this problem eventually results in an "out of storage"
message. I can postpone this message by using expand-heap to
get more memory, but I don't understand the need to request
more memory. Why doesn't STk dynamically allocate more
memory? Have I missed something here?

Thanks for any help.

Mark Lynn
Sabado Technologies
Received on Sat Aug 23 1997 - 05:48:09 CEST

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