Suggested change to STk

From: Kumar Balachandran <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 15:52:45 -0400

One of the problems I have been facing with STk is that an interactive
shell causes function return values to be printed to *stdout*. This is
not unacceptable in the case of a true interactive session. However,
if you have a situation where a program

uses popen to instantiate an intreractive stk session, STk should only
pass the output of a (write <variable>) or a (display <variable>) to
*stdout*. All toplevel output should go to stderr, since c-program.c
should not be burdened with filtering the output.

A colleague of mine, Raymond Toy (, created a new
option to stk that will pass toplevel output to stderr.
The command options are:

        stk -help
                -geometry Initial geometry for window
                -display Display to use
                -new-colormap Use a private colormap
                -name Name to use for application
                -sync Use synchronous mode for display server
                -visual Visual for main window
                -no-tk Don't initialize Tk
                -file File from which to read commands
                -load File to load after all the
                                        initializations are done
                -cells Default size for heap
                -image Use previously created image
                -interactive Interactive mode
                -help Print summary of command-line options and abort
                -prompt-stderr Toplevel output goes to stderr instead
                                        of stdout
The difference of the distribution from version 3.1.1 is included.
I request addition of this feature into the next release. To enable
the changes, you have to #define RLT. Otherwise you get the old behaviour.

Kind regards

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