bug in 3.1.1 - delayedMotion handling

From: nick thompson <nix+_at_cs.cmu.edu>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 20:52:07 -0400

this is probably a Tk bug. since upgrading to 3.1.1 delayed motion
events haven't worked very well for me. i tracked it down and here's
what seems to be happening. when a motion event is delayed, the
display event handler stashes the event away but doesn't put anything
on the tcl event queue. at that point, Tcl_DoOneEvent can't tell that
any work was done by the display event handler, so it goes ahead and
services idle events. since there's an idle event waiting for the
delayed motion, the motion event gets passed on to the tcl event
queue, whether or not there's anything more in the display event

i've hacked around this by setting a global flag whenever a motion
event is delayed, and checking it in Tcl_DoOneEvent. it's not a
clean solution though.

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