Re: bug in 3.1.1 - delayedMotion handling

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 18:04:35 +0200

nick thompson writes:
> this is probably a Tk bug. since upgrading to 3.1.1 delayed motion
> events haven't worked very well for me. i tracked it down and here's
> what seems to be happening. when a motion event is delayed, the
> display event handler stashes the event away but doesn't put anything
> on the tcl event queue. at that point, Tcl_DoOneEvent can't tell that
> any work was done by the display event handler, so it goes ahead and
> services idle events. since there's an idle event waiting for the
> delayed motion, the motion event gets passed on to the tcl event
> queue, whether or not there's anything more in the display event
> queue.
It is probably in the Tk code, since (I think) I don't modify its behaviour.
Do you have a small piece of code which exhibit this because it seems to
work for me.

> i've hacked around this by setting a global flag whenever a motion
> event is delayed, and checking it in Tcl_DoOneEvent. it's not a
> clean solution though.

                -- Erick
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