Re: efficiency of let used in a binding

From: Christopher Oliver <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 14:27:39 -0400 (EDT)

On 21 Oct 1997 David Fox wrote:
> There is some disagreement about what define means when it is not
> at the top level.

There shouldn't be, at least regarding top levels. From R4RS:

  "A <body> containing internal definitions can always be con-
  verted into a completely equivalent letrec expression."

This precludes changing the top-level with an internal definition.

The only vagueness I see, based on a quick experiment with STk, Bigloo,
and MzScheme, is the handling of internal definition interspersed with
non-definition forms. MzScheme rejects these, but they COULD be thought
as nested letrecs. I.e. each letrec gathers a clustered sequence of

        (define (x n)
          (define (y n) (+ n 3))
          (define (z n) (* 3 n))
          (set! foo 'bar)
          (define (a n) (- 15 n))
          (define (b n) (/ n 24))
          (a (b (x (y n)))))
        (define (x n)
          (letrec ((y (lambda (n) (+ n 3)))
                   (z (lambda (n) (* 3 n))))
            (set! foo 'bar)
            (letrec ((a (lambda (n) (- 15 n)))
                     (b (lambda (n) (/ n 24))))
              (a (b (x (y n)))))))

I don't see anything to support this or reject this though.


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