Re: Scheme bug in internal define

From: Keith Wright <>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 97 16:11 EST

> Keith Wright writes:
> > The following program exhibits a bug in both STk and Guile.
> > One would expect it either to print "good" twice, or

> > to display an error message.

> > (bug)
> I believe all (define ...) statements must appear first within
> a block and may not be intermixed with other code. If you do,
> the behaviour is undefined. I don't remember if this is defined
> in R4RS somewhere; it's briefly mentioned in SICP.
 Oh good grief, I _know_ the program isn't R4RS, that's why I said
"or display error message." Reject the program if you must, but
substuting one variable for a different one without a message is
no good.

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