Re: are there hacked versions of Tk which allow "direct" canvas access

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:10:53 +0100

Brian Denheyer writes:
> For the type of graphics I am doing I would rather use low level
> (i.e. xlib) graphics access instead of the Tk canvas. Does anybody
> have experience with, or know of :
> 1. a way to do this
> 2. a hacked verison of Tk which I could link in with STk to do this.
> I can see big problems with this including : bindings, redraw/refresh
> events, etc...
> I guess my other option is to create specific low-level widgets to do
> what I want (in particular I am having problems creating a grid - it
> seems to slow down other graphics when I put up multiple/stippled
> lines...).
> My only other option is to write everything in Elk using the Xt
> interface. I'd rather use STk though because of the object system.

I have no direct solution for this. But I remember that there are several
ways(widgets) to do that in Tcl/Tk (pad and pad++ are two of this if I
remember, see the Tcl FAQ). Adapting a Tcl widget to STk is not hard and can be
done most of the time in less than a day. The main problem here is to choose a
widget among the ones in the FAQ. If you plan to port one widget from Tcl for
STk, I can of course help. This is something which is on my TODO list
since a long time.
Another way to do this job is perhaps to offer some primitives to make some
drawing in a pixmap and embed this pixmap in a conventional canvas.

                -- Erick
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