Re: Getting a stock quote from the web

From: Kumar Balachandran <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 13:08:21 -0500

But I have no recursion in the program. I suspect what you say is
true, that stk is running out of memory. I tried putting in a few (gc)
commands at strategic places (see code) but it did no good.

>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Thomas Hansen <> writes:

    Lars> Without looking at your source code; I had a bug the other
    Lars> day (in a completely different Scheme system! :-) that
    Lars> manifested itself in the same way: a core dump in an
    Lars> otherwise innocent routine, and a stack trace that didn't
    Lars> make sense at all. This was on SunOS 4, but heck.

    Lars> Turned out I was exhausting my stack budget, which defaults
    Lars> to 8MB. A quick C program tells us that the stack starts at
    Lars> #xefffffff on Solaris, so:

>> (/ (- #xeffff734 #xef7fff2c) (exact->inexact (* 1024 1024)))
    Lars> 8.000201225280762

    Lars> and hence I suspect this is your problem. Increase your
    Lars> stack budget (using ulimit or whatever your shell calls it)
    Lars> or better, remove the deep recursion from your program.

    Lars> --lars
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