:PROPAGATED and :PROPAGATE-TO in STklos slot descriptions

From: Paolo Amoroso <amoroso_at_mclink.it>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 09:26:03 GMT

What are the :PROPAGATED and :PROPAGATE-TO keywords used for in STklos slot
descriptions? The documentation provided with STk doesn't mention them.

They are used, for example, in Multipaned.stklos in the STk directory. The
file contains the following references to the above mentioned keywords:

(define-class <MultiPaned> (<Tk-composite-widget>)
   (width :accessor width :init-keyword :width
          :allocation :propagated :propagate-to (frame))

Paolo Amoroso <amoroso_at_mclink.it>
Received on Tue Mar 24 1998 - 11:40:00 CET

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