Re: An intallation problem with stk 3.99 under linux

From: Gabriele Dionisi <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:06:42 +0000

> I also encountered this error. The program wish is the Tcl/Tk
> interpreter and we have much better with stk :)
> I think the Makefile in the Tk/unix directory wasn't upgraded from
> Tcl/Tk dist to the STk one.
> Workaround : You have to modify the 'top Makefile', that is the file
> named Makefile under the directory STk-3.99.0. In this file delete or
> comment the line containing '(cd Tk; $(MAKE) install)' under the
> target 'install'. On my installation, this line has number '113'.
> Warning : This workaround is very bad :(. Makefiles are
> auto-generated by the configure script, so you have to redo this
> modification each time you rerun configure.
> Gabriele> Thanks in advance. Gabriele.
> Jean-Marie

Thank you for your advice :-)
I tried to delete the line you mentioned and I also fixed an error
in the Makefile in the directory .../STklos that tries to access the
.../STklos/Tk/Widget directory that doesn't exist. It seems it is
correctly compiled, but when I start it and I try to load some graphic
demos I get the message:

"*** Error at line 176 of file
autoload: file not found for autoload symbol: (<composite-metaclass> .

Did you get the same two problems?

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