Re: An intallation problem with stk 3.99 under linux

From: kubek <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 17:13:46 +0200

Sorry for not mentioning all the problems I encountered in my previous
message. I was in the process of putting the distrib under CVS
and I wanted to finish that before sending more problem reports. But
it took me *too much time* to understand how to manage symlinks under
CVS ... Sigh

>>>>> "Gabriele" == Gabriele Dionisi <> writes:

    Gabriele> It seems it is correctly compiled, but when I start it and
    Gabriele> I try to load some graphic demos I get the message:

    Gabriele> "*** Error at line 176 of file
    Gabriele> /usr/local/lib/stk/3.99.0/STk/Tk-meta.stklos: autoload:
    Gabriele> file not found for autoload symbol:
    Gabriele> (<composite-metaclass> . "composite-slot")"

    Gabriele> Did you get the same two problems?

Yes for the two :(
        The first one is easily coped with by deleting the ref to the
        '/STklos/Tk/Widget' directory (or better putting a '-' before
        the cp command).

        The second comes from the fact that the files '*.stklos' under
        the ./STklos directory are not installed.

You have to change the file ./STklos/Makefile :

***** Initial Install rule *******
        -if [ ! -d $(LIB_STKLOS) ] ; then mkdir -p $(LIB_STKLOS); fi
        $(CP) *.stk $(LIB_STKLOS)
        $(CP) Tk/*.stklos Tk/Composite/*.stklos Tk/Widget/*.stklos $(LIB_STKLOS)
        chmod 0644 $(LIB_STKLOS)/*

****** Modified install rule ******
        -if [ ! -d $(LIB_STKLOS) ] ; then mkdir -p $(LIB_STKLOS); fi
        $(CP) *.stk *.stklos $(LIB_STKLOS)
        -$(CP) Tk/*.stklos Tk/Composite/*.stklos Tk/Widget/*.stklos $(LIB_STKLOS)
        chmod 0644 $(LIB_STKLOS)/*

Two others problems you may encounter :
        1- If you do a 'make clean', you will have an error with the ./Snow
        directory : "make : 'no rule for target clean'".

        Reason : The Makefile in ./Snow is a symlink to ../Src/Makefile *and*
        this last file is deleted (by clean) *before* the ./Snow

        Workaround : In the 'top Makefile', for the target clean,
        exchange the positions for the lines cleaning the Src and the
        Snow directory in order to process the Snow directory first.

        2- The $STK_LIBRARY/Match directory is installed with bad
        rights on my linux box. The directory is unreadable and you'll
        have an error if you try to use the match-?? constructs in stk.

        Workaround: Change the ./Lib/Makefile file by adding
        the line
        chmod oug+xr $(STK_STK_MATCH)
        before the line
        $(CP) Match/*.scm $(STK_STK_MATCH)

I think these are the only errors I encountered so far, I'll send some
reports later if this is not the case.

        Gabriele> Gabriele

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