Re: An intallation problem with stk 3.99 under linux

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:30:43 +0200

> Pb 1: Class <Canvas-Item> and autoload.
> You changed the loading policy for "Canvitem" file from 3.1.1 : this
> file can no more be loaded directly (eg through a require form), we
> have now to load the "Canvas" file in order to have access to the
> <canvas-item> class. *But* this class does not appear in the autoload
> section of the "Tk-classes" file. Please, can you add the required
> 'autoload' form in this file and have a look to the other autoload
> clauses needed by your changes ?

Yes of course I can do that, even if I don't understand why you could want
to load Canvitem without loading Canvas. The thing I have tried to do is that
you only require Tk-classes for accessing to the Tk widgets, and that you
don't need to know the file which implement the class.

> Pb 2:
> In order to use the new 'matching-*' constructs, it seems
> we have to switch to the scheme module. Is it a bug or a feature ?

Can you eleborate on his, I don't see what functions you talk about.
BTW, this should be a bug since Scheme should export everything.

> Wish 1 (easy :) :* Metaclass Init-Keywords*
> When defining some non '<class> instance' class, it may be
> interesting to use the keyword mechanism in order to initialize the
> class wide attributes. E.g if I define the following :
> (define-class <attributed-class> (<class>)
> ((attribute :init-keyword :attribute
> :initform #f)))
> I would like to be able to define an instance of <attributed-class>,
> say <class-instance>, with a default value of 1 for the attribute slot
> with the following code :
> (define-class <class-instance> ()
> ()
> :metaclass <attributed-class>
> :attribute 1)
> This code is actually unusable as you only use the ':metaclass' keyword
> in the define-class macro. Is it possible to modify it in order to
> pass the others option keywords to the (make <attributed-class> ...)
> generated call ? I've done the modification for 3.99 (was easy ..) and
> can you send it if you like.

Yes please send me the code and I will integrate if for the next snapshot.

                -- Erick
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