STk 3.99.1 release is out.

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:49:46 +0200

STk 3.99.1 is ready. This version corrects a lot of installation problem that
I'm aware. Furthermore, it corrects also some bugs.

I have put the new version as usual at the following URL:

Since kaolin seem to be slow from outside ".fr" domains, I have also uploaded
it on sunsite and should be available from here soon.
A patch file for 3.99.0 -> 3.99.1 is also available from kaolin (but the file
is ~ 500kB)

For Linux users with RPM, the files

are also available. The rpms files have been built with a RedHat5.0 Linux box
and, consequently, use the Glibc2 C library. If there is interest in a RH4.2
package, I can try to build a libc5 package.

Have fun.

                -- Erick
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