Re: tk 'appname

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 21:50:41 +0300

Sarah Calvo writes:
> I'm having problems with multiple stk (version 3.1.1) applications
> having the same application name.

Here is a patch which corrects this problem (or more exactly bypass it).

This patch changes the name of a new STk application from "STk #2" to "STk#2".
Th code which deals with spaces the Tcl function I have stolen and which
survives in STk that I don't want to take the risk to modify it.

As a consequence, this patch avoids problem with multiple STk interpreters, but
not if you have a STk process which needs to use send to several wish processes
(hey is there someone which want to do this?).

BTW, since there have already been some bug corrected since last release, I
plan to make a new release really soon with all the patches applied.
Since there were be only a small amount of modifications, I will also
distribute a patch file against 3.99.1.

                -- Erick

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