Re: Meta-object protocol documentation

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 10:51:15 +0300

izys writes:
> Hi,
> Well, this is just a mail like that : where is it possible to find any
> documentation about the meta-object protocol... especially for STKLos,
> since it is the system we're using ?

I'm just writing a new documentation about STklos and a part is devoted to the
MOP. This is not finished yet and I will place it on a the web asap.

> The fact is that I need some dynamical redefinition of classes, and
> "meta-classes" in the CLOS style. If the system is so close to the Lisp
> one, is the syntax different ?

This part is now quite identical to CLOS, and the name are the same. So you
should not have problem if you have a book such AMOP by hand (having STklos
code could help also :).
All the code for redefinition is written is Scheme and is located in the
method "class-redefinition"

> Thanxs in advance (and forgive by bad English, it's ironical for a
> french student to use a french product with an english-speaking
> world-wide community ;-)

Ooooh yes. -sight-

BTW, I can also write French in private mails :-).

                -- Erick
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