Re: inheritance problems ?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 10:38:58 +0300

Brian Denheyer writes:
> I am trying to get xxl to work with stk 3.99.1

That's really fine!

> and I am getting an
> error message which I just can't figure out :
> *** Error at line 182 of file ./test.stk:
> No applicable method for #[<generic> compute-tk-virtual-get-n-set (4)]
> in call (compute-tk-virtual-get-n-set #[<tk-table-metaclass> <table> 401d63
> a0] :width)
> Here is the code :
> [Lines deleted]

This is because some symbols used by XXL are not exported from the
module STklos+Tk (the module which deals with STklos and Tk).
It will be exported in next release. Enclosed with this mail is a
patch file which correct temporarily this problem (and various ones which
comes after this one :-). The patch file provided corrects a suit of
minor problems with the new release of STk. When applied, it allows to
have a sheet opened but there are some unref cells in the first cells
of a sheet. I don't have tried to correct this bug.

BTW, I have spoke with Vincent (the author of XXL) and he is
interested to adapt XXL to STk 3.99.

> Looks like stk now checks for duplicate slot entries in a class
> definition e.g. :
> define-class: bad list of slots (table-name data-table (tags :initform (m
> ake-ha
> Any chance the error message could include something like :
> duplicate slot xxx
> That would be helpful for classes with long lists of slots.
Yes it is hard to read for a class such as Table. It was so hard that
in fact I have changed STklos to display such a message. This is
really simpler indeed!

                -- Erick

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