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I thought this could help your success.
Feel free to call me with any questions.


Jennifer Powers
ENV Associates

You will never receive a message from me again.


Keep your Prospect Pipeline-tm filled!

Disappointed with traditional marketing?

Maybe it's time to consider 'Business to Business' Direct E-mail.

Forget the "get rich quick" schemes and $395+ software.

Forget the "60 million" address CD's that are filled with duplicates and
even invalid, "generated" addresses, hidden in many different files that
rarely add up to even a million prospects which are still unqualified.
Over 90% are private personal addresses of people who do NOT want
to be invaded and unless you have duplicate filtering software, you
would be mailing many of them multiple times, with the same message!
No wonder they call it SPAM.

You should respect their privacy.

Prospect Pipeline-tm gets you started with the contact e-mail addresses from
each of 100,000 unique commercial Web Sites (e.g. and
a FREE 5 day trial of E-Mail Pump: software that does what every business
needs done--it keeps a pipeline of prospects coming.

Maybe it's time you filled your pipeline?

Prospect Pipeline is the most reasonable marketing/announcement tool you'll
ever find at $49.95 (+S&H).

You can continue to receive a fresh CD (100,000 new commercial addresses)
each month thereafter, at a 20% discount. We can even deliver them to you

Prospect Pipeline-tm addresses are contact addresses from commercial Web
Sites (100% '.com'). A commercial domain (.com) is a business by definition
and business people love to do business.

You know the value of qualified prospects and how much time and money you
can waste if they're not. This is an extremely reasonable offer!

                              Get down to Business today.
                       Stop waiting for prospects to find you.
Prospect Pipeline-tm Business to Business package includes:

100,000 highly refined (no duplicates) commercial contact E-mail addresses
in plain text files ready for mailing.

A FREE, fully functional, 5 day trial of 'E-Mail Pump,' the latest in direct
mail software technology. Start prospecting immediately! E-mail Pump
includes a built in 'instant' registration process via the Internet. It's
also priced reasonably at $49.95, should you decide to register.
If you have any further questions or to place an order by phone, please do
not hesitate to call us at:


Business Hours are Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

To order by Fax or Postal Mail, simply print out the ORDER FORM below and
fax or mail it to our office today.
We accept US Checks by Fax, Telephone and Postal mail.
Money Orders in US DOLLARS drawn on US or Canadian Banks ONLY,
are accepted by postal mail.
-----------------------------ORDER FORM------------------------------------

ENV Associates - Voice telephone: 904-441-8080
Business Hours are Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

Complete this form and follow the fax instructions at the bottom.
All orders are sent US Postal Service 3 Day Priority Mail or
Global Priority mail outside of the US.

 _____Yes! Please send me the 'Prospect Pipeline-tm' CD-ROM of 100,000
                fresh, new, commercial addresses and FREE-5 day trial of
        E-mail Pump for ONLY $49.95 (US Dollars)


 COMPANY NAME________________________________________________



 CITY, STATE, ZIP____________________________________________

 PHONE NUMBER(S)_____________________________________________
 FAX NUMBER__________________________________________________
 E-MAIL ADDRESS______________________________________________

 2nd E-MAIL ADDRESS__________________________________________
 *Please select the appropriate shipping for your location and make
  your check payable for the respective total...
____I am in the United States, so I will add $3.00 for US Postal
         Priority MAIL for a total of $52.95 (US DOLLARS).

____I am in Canada, so I will add $6.95 for Global Priority Mail
         for a total of $56.90 (US DOLLARS).

____I am outside the US and Canada, so I will add $12.00 for Global
         Priority Mail for a total of $61.95 (US DOLLARS).

                          *** 24 HOUR ORDERING BY FAX ***



4. FAX TO 1-904-441-6481 (24 hours, 7 days a week)
You need not mail the original check when using Check-By-Fax.
Our banking software drafts a special check, with the exact information
from your original. Orders are shipped at the time funds clear.

If you feel uncomfortable with Check-By-Fax or Check-By-Phone payment,
send this form with your check or money order to:
ENV Associates
171 East Granada Boulevard
Ormond Beach, Florida 32176
904-441-8080 Voice
904-441-6481 Fax

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