STk under Windows NT

From: Hartmann Schaffer <hs_at_inferno.nirvananet>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 12:13:23 -0400

I am trying to bring up STk-3.1[.1] under WindowsNT, so far with not too
much luck: when I start iot from the command line, a frame comes up and
goes away immediately. I haven't found any error messages yet. I have a
few questions:
1. I downloaded the STk-3.1-win32 and STk-3.1.1-common tar balls and
   xcopied the untarred common component over the untarred win32 component.
   Since there were neither an STk-3.1.1-win32 nor an STk-3.1-common, I
   assumed that this was the best way to go. Is this correct?

2. I have Tk-8.0 installed. The documentation says Tk-4.1, but I assumed
   (hopefullt correctly that Tk has enough backward compatibility. Is this

3. I didn't find any documentation in the tar balls, and nothing particular
   to Win32 in the documentation tar ball. Where does STk assume the Tk
   libraries to reside? Is there any way to let STk know where it is?

4. I have the latest gcc (from cygnus) installed. Has anybody trued to
   install STk from the source distribution using gcc? If yes, was it
   successful? Which other C compilers are recommended?

Thanks in advance,

Hartmann Schaffer
Received on Tue Jun 02 1998 - 17:07:23 CEST

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