Re: 3.99.2 bug

From: Walter C. Pelissero <>
Date: 07 Jul 1998 12:22:03 +0200

Andrew Dorrell <> writes:

> (require "Tk-classes")
> (pack (make <choice-box>))
> Press mouse button 1 in the entry box, hit tab then space to activate
> the menu button then press either the left or right cursor key.
> Result: CPU goes 100% and the application stops responding.

I belive you found a bug in the menu button widget (the bump you see
on the right of the entry is a menu button after all).

If you try this script, it will exhibit the same behavior:

        (menubutton '.foo :text "foo" :menu '
        (menu '
        (pack .foo)

but the corresponding script in wish8.0 will work as expected:

        menubutton .foo -text "foo" -menu
        pack .foo

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