Re: 3.99.2 problems

From: Andrew Dorrell <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 11:56:09 +1000

Erick Gallesio wrote:
> Andrew Dorrell writes:
> > 2. place-grip disappears:
> >
> Place-grip didn't disappeared, it is now hidden in the module
> STklos+Tk. I could have exported it, but it seems that this method is
> clearly private to the Paned classes (this function is bound to a
> mouse event). I must admit that I don't understand why you want to use
> it directly.

Simple: I want to be able to change the fraction slot in software and
actually have the widget update! Currently the widget is not updated
until place grip is called - on a mouse button release event. I think
the best solution is to make the fraction slot an active one (I really
like this new slot allocation :-) that way the place-grip function can
stay hidden. However I have had problems doing this which I outlined
in another previous email.

PS. I don't like the look of the module workaround - reminds me of
    C++ "friend" (imho enemy) classes

PPS Thanks for the fix to the menu keyboard traversal bug.

PPPS with the Win32 stuff: I live in fear of the day someone will
    require me to do some win32 development. But I am almost
    certain this will happen. When it does the first tool I will
    be looking towards will be STk.... Having said that, having a
    *stable and robust* unix STk is of the greater importance to me.
    And next is how to deliver a commercial prduct which is
    open source...

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