Some new contributions

From: Andrew Dorrell <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:51:44 +1000


I have just posted a couple of (hopefully) useful contributions for
These are:

1. A port of the Tk pict image type
2. My array processing extensions for STk

The latter represents a fairly substantial package which implements an
homegenous array type for STk along with read, write, set, reference
and map functions. The map functions are of particular interest (I
believe) as they allow scheme functions to be applied element-wise or
block-wise to (ND) arrays. The package includes some image processing
libraries, pnm reader and writer and other utilities.

Unfortunately I have been unable to post these to the Incoming
directory on kaolin (write permission has been removed :-( so I have
posted them on my ISP's server. You can get them from


PS. I have a couple of simple patches to the <Gauge> and <XPaned>
classes which correct minor operationsal problems with them which I
hope to post soon also.

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