From: Andrew Dorrell <dorrell_at_ihf.uts.edu.au>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 23:31:41 +0000


Just before you went on Hols Erick you sent a bulk patch with an
appology and a promise of a bundeled release (aka 3.99.3) including all
the updates and fixes.

Is this coming? It would really be appreciated as I am currently having
nightmares whenever I need to install on a new machine! Access to the
latest set of patches has always been a problem with STk. I found the
main reason I updated to 3.99.2 was to get rid of the bug which made the
CPU go 100% whenever an STk script was run in the background. I'm sure
there must have been a patch somewhere to fix that though?

Also, is it possible that STk is dying? The list is very quiet and
there is a *lot* of activity with new toolkits such as gtk and Qt. The
fact that there are fast responses however implies to me that there is a
small core of familiar users, but very few new users.

My impression is that STk has a relatively low profile --- you don't
even find a mension of it on the Tcl/Tk web pages (where PerlTk and
Python are).

Anyway, a 3.99.3 bundle (and rpms if possible) would be greately

Thanks in advance,
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