Using STk32 with emacs32??

From: John <>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 22:17:11 -0500


I'm having problems using emacs (20.3.1) with STk (3.1) in windows95
My instructor has given me the following information for using emacs with
STk in UNIX:

>(setq auto-mode-alist
> (append '(("\\.scm$" . scheme-mode)
> ("\\.stk$" . scheme-mode))
> auto-mode-alist))
>(setq scheme-mode-hook
> '(lambda()
> (autoload 'run-scheme "cmuscheme" "Run an inferior Scheme" t)
> (setq scheme-program-name "/opt/pkg/stk/bin/stk")
> (font-lock-mode 1)))

This information is to go in the .emacs file in the home directory of my
UNIX account.
When I change the "/opt/pkg/stk/bin/stk" to "c:/program files/stk/stk.exe"
in the .emacs file in the home directory of my PC and attempt to spawn STk
from emacs, I see STk startup, but then it disappears, and I get a message
like "Process finished."

I was wondering if anyone else had tried using the 32bit emacs version with
stk, and if so, did it work?

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate place to post this, but I tried
posting to the mailing list for the emacs port with this problem, and they
don't seem to be very willing to help. Any information you have in regards
to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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