Re: Problem with STk 3.99.3 binaries for Linux

From: Eric Marsden <>
Date: 09 Nov 1998 09:53:15 +0100

>>>>> "EG" == Erick Gallesio <> writes:
>>>>> "PA" == Paolo Amoroso <> writes:
  PA> bash: /usr/local/bin/stk: No such file or directory

  EG> That's really weird ...

  PA> Maybe the binaries require a glibc system, while mine is a libc
  PA> one (but then the program should at least start and immediately
  PA> stop complaining about the wrong libraries; my error message
  PA> comes from bash instead). Any help will be highly appreciated.

  EG> YES it uses glibc.

This is the normal behaviour of libc6 binaries on a libc5 system. If
you look inside the binary you will see "/lib/", which
you won't have on your system, so the executable won't be able to be
loaded (sure, the error message isn't very explicit). You should
compile STk from the sources.
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