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From: Stacy Marsella <marsella_at_ISI.EDU>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 08:44:32 -0800

Hello list,

I am new to STk and have run into a curious problem trying to use popup menus
under STk-3.1.1. If I try to create a popup menu, I get an error message which
states the variable tk::popup is unbound. The menu code which defines
tk::popup is loaded from menu.stk.

Here is a portion of the toplevel of that file:

(unless (or (tk-command? Tk:menu) (tk-command? Tk:menubutton))
  (let ()
  (define tk::popup             #f)
(define (Tk:popup menu x y entry)
  (if (or tk::popup tk::posted-mb)
    ;;  plus various other fcns and vars defined in the above let
My problem is that I do not see how the above is supposed to work. The 
function Tk:popup uses variables and functions defined inside a let. However, 
the behavior of the two schemes I use (mainly bigloo but now also STk) is that 
the fcns and vars will be undefined outside of the let. So how is the above 
code supposed to work?
I noticed under 3.99, Tk:popup works fine and menu.stk uses modules to provide 
a local context for the menu operations. There is no let.  Presumably, the let 
in the above 3.1.1 code is trying to achieve the same effect without using 
modules (3.1.1 does not have modules). Unfortunately, it is not working for me.
And why I am on the subject - I am using version 3.1.1 because it is critical 
that I be able to move my unix code eventually to win95. What is the outlook 
for a win95 version of the 4.0 version of STk?
Thanks for any help
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