Re: making WWW submissions using stk

From: Eric Marsden <>
Date: 15 Dec 1998 13:14:40 +0100

>>>>> "BD" == Brian Denheyer <> writes:

  BD> Using S-scape from stk I now have some relatively simple code which
  BD> can fetch web pages. However, I couldn't find any examples of doing
  BD> form submissions. I do have some scsh code, but I haven't figured out
  BD> what it's doing yet to the degree that I can implement it in stk.
  BD> Does anybody know of some straighforware examples of "submitting"
  BD> forms, e.g. submitting a search query to alta vista, or something
  BD> similar. Doesn't have to be in scheme, although that's helpful
  BD> (obviously).

Look at the webjump.el[1] which is distributed with Emacs. It uses w3 to
send queries to Altavista, the online Thesaurus, get stock quotes etc.


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